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Schedule for Friday, September 6th, 2013

Slot 1Random Slot: Yuyushiki #1
Original release: 2013
Every couple of weeks, we select a different show to feature in the Random Slot. If you have a suggestion for something you’d like to see here, let us know via The Cube™!
Slot 2Ginga e Kickoff!! #2
Original release: 2012–2013
It’s an anime about soccer! I don’t know what else to say about it yet, though. Let’s watch it and find out!
Slot 3Cardcaptor Sakura #28
Original release: 1998–2000
A classic magical girl series from the late ’90s. When Sakura Kinomoto unintentionally releases a set of magical cards, it is up to her to set things aright. (But why exactly were these dire artifacts in her family’s basement in the first place…?)
Slot 4Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure #2
Original release: 2012–2013
If the cute girl antics of Sakura weren’t quite your thing, maybe some profoundly burly dudes duking it out will be more to your taste. We have you covered here. As the title suggests, this is a series about Jonathan Joestar and his bizarre adventures. And a bunch of brawling with his adopted brother/evil rival Dio Brando. This is the latest Jojo anime adaptation (it just finished airing in Japan this year), based on the first two story arcs of the very popular (and very long-running) manga series of the same name.
BreakHunter #1 — Restart around 9:30 PM
Slot 5The Rose of Versailles #2
Original release: 1979–1980
One of the all-time classics of shoujo storytelling and an influence on an entire generation of writers, artists, and fans. Set in France in the years leading up to and during the Revolution, this is the story of Lady Oscar, a girl raised as a man to be her father’s successor in the Palace Guards. A defining work in both shoujo anime and in late–’70s/early–’80s anime. Unexpectedly licensed for domestic release 30 years after its creation and pulled from the lineup last Fall as a consequence, it’s back in our schedule again, in an all-new, remastered, commercially approved incarnation. Nothing can stop the sparkles now.
Slot 6Yakitate!! Japan #2
Original release: 2004–2006
You might think that an anime about baking bread would be boring. But you would be wrong. Oh, so wrong. Also, some of these breads seem to have hallucinogenic properties; that helps.
Slot 7Martian Successor Nadesico #2
Original release: 1997–1999
It’s the year 2196, and Earth is at war with the enigmatic alien race known only as the Jovian Lizards. Against them is the corporate-built Nadesico and its civilian-contracted crew, who are about as big a bunch of misfits as you’re likely to encounter, thanks to lax hiring practices, probably. Nadesico takes on every space opera/giant robot cliché and turns them to the service of a pretty excellent story. And yes, we will be showing the Gekiganger III OVA when we finish this series….
Slot 8Gokusen #2
Original release: 2004
Kumiko Yamaguchi, age 23, finds herself torn between the criminal world of her Yakuza family and her chosen career as a high school teacher. (Though with some of her delinquent students, maybe the distinction isn’t so clear….)
Slot 9Shion no Ou #2
Original release: 2007–2008
Murder, intrigue, and shougi.
About the breakLive-action break titles are subtitled unless otherwise noted. Other break materials may vary.
Time and PlaceScheduled to begin at 7:00 PM in WEL 1.316